Surveillance is an integral and important part of most private investigations and the need for it to be undertaken professionally and legally is imperative.

Surveillance operatives must be aware, particularly in industrial and employee related enquiries, of the need for the utmost professionalism and legal limitations with particular regard to infringement of privacy. In addition they must be able to provide concise and detailed surveillance logs and reports substantiated by original notes that will be evidentially admissible in law should it be required.

Wherever possible, our surveillance operatives supply video and photographic evidence in support of reports.

As private investigators we can provide ancillary services linked to surveillance operations i.e vehicle tracking etc.
Male and female surveillance operatives are available as well as multiple teams where necessary and an extensive range of observation vehicles from high powered motorcycles to covert camera vans.

In the current climate of terrorism and CCTV monitoring of public places it is essential that only experienced and properly trained surveillance operatives are engaged on these investigations in order to maintain discretion and non-compromise.